The Unified Chinese Work Permit will Definitely Attract Aspirants

Modern China might be differentiated from the China of the recent past in the true sense for the sake of the reforms that has been implemented by the government of the country keeping in mind the opening up of the gates of the country for the foreign travelers. The fact that China, these days, is one of the greatest upcoming travel destinations around the world is one of the important contributors towards the increment of foreign traffic towards China. Apart from this, another immensely important factor contributing to the increase in foreign travelers to the country has been the greeting of the foreign job seekers by China. These days with many reforms in the otherwise strict government regulations, the job market has been exposed to the foreign nationals along with the obviously important business prospects. The recent deal between China and America has played an important hand in the gate crashing of the regulations and the implementation of the innovative unified work permit, which would benefit the foreigners seeking for work in China.

The changed process: – The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) has ensured through the newly implemented format for the foreigners to apply for the work permit in China on 1st April 2017 that things would become considerably easier for the job seekers. There would only be two types of work visas available for the foreigners, the R visas for the foreign experts and the Z visas for the ordinary foreign nationals. This would make the application process less time consuming, clearer and less complex. This lessening of complexity has been credited to the fact that in the earlier times there used to be two different bodies issuing China visa from USA. Namely, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (HRSS) who were responsible for the authorization of the visas of the Z visa applicants in the foreign national visa process. While the SAFEA used to look after the R category of the Chinese visa for American National and the others also. However, with the implementation of the changes in the regulations from the dates mentioned in the above part of the literature, these days, SAFEA is the solely responsible authority for the providence of visas to the foreign job seekers in China. Further, the Employment License as well as the Foreign Expert License has been merged into a single letter named as the Foreigner’s Work Permit. Then the Foreigner’s Employment ID Card has managed to replace the Alien Employment Permit and the Foreign Expert Certificate and has unified them into a unique ID number through the implementation of the card making the process transparent. This ID number remains constant in spite of the renewal of permit and the change of the employer.

The process of application: – Then by making the entire system online with the help of Management Service System implemented by SAFEA for the foreign nationals seeking jobs for China the documents requirements has been minimized to half. This online system has ensured that the CVs and the application letters are eliminated from the system altogether. The new requirements are as follows.

• Application form for the Foreigner’s Work Permit
• Verification of the past employment
• Verification of educational qualifications and professional qualification
• Criminal record certificate
• Physical examination record for foreigners or overseas Chinese citizens
• A copy of the appointment letter
• Passport
• Photo
• Information regarding the accompanying members

Further, the documents required by the employer of the candidate are as follows.

• The Registration form
• A copy of the Business license and organization code certificate
• ID information of the employer who is responsible for the registration of the candidate
• The documents related to industry license

Thus, in this manner, through the implementation of the two way process, the online system might be effectively used in saving a lot of time and most importantly, lessening the hazards of documentations from both the employers’ and the employees perspective.

The tired classifications and the validity of the contracts: – SAFEA has built a unique three-stepped tire format for the processing of the applications as well as the recruitment of the candidates by the Chinese companies in relation to the foreign nationals aspiring to work in China. They have developed a point system that suggests that the employees belonging to Tier A are the top quality talents with the highest qualifications and they are marked in the above 85 category. Then there are the Tier B employees who are the ones with professional experience and are in line with the requirements in the labour market. They belong to the 60-85 marks category and finally the unskilled workers with marking below 60. They are the Tier C employees as marked by SAFEA. This numbering system depends on many factors including the educational qualifications of the candidates, their salary levels, age, duration of work in China, proficiency in the Chinese languages, the location of their employment among a lot of other factors to consider.

However, in terms of the validity of the contracts, the maximum validity of the contracts generated by the government of China is 5 years. Nevertheless, in practicality, a first timer getting a five-year contract is rare. In general, the primary contract that is granted is a one-year contract and on renewal, it is turned into a multiple year agreement. Still there are differences in regulations based on the cities the candidates have applied for. Like in Beijing, at certain times, a multiple year contract is granted for the people applying for the first time. But, in case of other cities, the case is still rare.

Thus, whatever the requirement of the applicant is ranging from the China tourist visa from the US to the china work visa, the regulations has been relaxed to a serious extent in comparison to the China a few decades back. China has not only opened up the gates inviting business from the other parts of the world, but they have also made sure that the eminent employees from across the world makes it a case to work in China for the betterment of the business based in the country. The open market would mean more of interdisciplinary activities and mergers of business between two of the largest economies of the world.

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