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Hello and welcome to China Visa Department !

Hello and welcome to China Visa Department! China Visa Department. We are an agency offering visa expediting services to American citizens who intend to visit China. For work or for travel and tourism. welcome to chinavisadepartmentThe agency works towards providing the best services to customers regarding procurement of Chinese visa within the shortest span of time. Highest levels of customer services are offered by the agency along with professionalism and integrity at the best. China Visa Department operates offices in 7 major cities in the US namely Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa, Los Angeles and Orlando. With 20 years of experience in visa expediting services, the agency guarantees fast turnaround including same day visa delivery service. The documents are delivered to the customer in a safe and secured manner.

Professionals at China Visa Department work right from filling up the Chinese visa application form for applicants to processing the visa. 4 kinds of visa for China can be obtained. These include:

  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Crew visa
  • Work visa

The requirements for each kind of visa to China are different. Depending on your visa requirement, executives at China Visa Department will guide your accordingly. Obtaining Chinese visa has become simplified with this amazing China visa service. Status of the visa application can also be tracked via the website of China Visa Department. The agency can be reached via the toll free number 1.888.899.9629 or via email at info@ChinaVisaDepartment.com.