How to Get a Business Visa for China

Getting a business visa before working in China is non-negotiable, and the China Visa Department can simplify the process. Here’s a guide to help you get your visa.

Applying for a Business Visa at a Chinese Consulate

The five Chinese consulates in the United States are San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston. However, the Houston consulate is usually closed for applications. You’ll need to visit the consulate assigned to your state unless you live in one of the four cities mentioned. Check your assigned consulate here.

Do You Need to Submit Your Application in Person?

You have two options for applying for a Chinese business visa:

  1. In-Person Submission: Travel to your assigned consulate, submit your application, and return to pick it up in four days. This option requires covering your travel and lodging expenses.
  2. Using a Courier Service: To avoid the hassle and expense of in-person submission, you can hire a registered courier service like the China Visa Department to handle the drop-off and pick-up for you.

Required Documents for a Business 

Invitation Letters

  • A sealed invitation letter from your company in China.
  • A letter from your company in America with the same name, travel dates, and purpose. These can be emailed copies.

Passport Requirements

Provide your actual signed passport, which must:

  1. Be valid for at least six months after your trip.
  2. Have at least two blank visa pages for multiple entries.
  3. Be in good condition, with no damage.
  4. Include a copy of the personal information page.

Proof of State Residency

Show proof of your address, such as a driver’s license or utility bill. The document must:

  • Display your name exactly as it appears on your passport.
  • Show your current address as listed on your visa application.
  • Provide a birth certificate and copies of each parent’s ID for children.

Where You Stay Form

Fill out the “Where You Stay” form to indicate your residence. Download the form here.

Visa Application Form

Complete the visa application form during a virtual meeting with the China Visa Department. The form will be sent electronically to the consulate. You must also mail a physical copy with the other required materials.

Travel Information

Provide the dates you will enter and leave China and the addresses of the hotels where you will stay.

Additional Documentation

  • Previous Visits to China: Submit a copy of any previous Chinese visas and the corresponding passport information page.
  • Dual Nationality: Provide a photocopy of the information page of your foreign passport.
  • Previous Chinese Nationality: If you were a Chinese national, submit your physical Chinese passport.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or concerns, call the China Visa Department at (888) 899-9629. They are ready to assist you at every step.

Using the China Visa Department can make obtaining a business visa for China much easier. Gather your documents and let the China Visa Department save you time and money.

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