Frequently Asked Questions on China Tourist Visa

Vacation planning is always lots of fun. It is more so when the destination is a nation like China. This Asian country has deep historical and cultural heritage and has developed into a leading tourist destination in the Asian continent. The best thing about China is that each region of the country offers something unique and different for travelers. The diversity of the country is what makes the place so very fascinating. Another interesting thing about the country is that it offers something for all kinds of travelers and tourists. Read about the major travel destinations in the country and decide on the places you want to visit, depending on your preferences.

Obtaining Valid Visa for Visiting China from the USA

Now that you have made up your mind for visiting China, it is important that you start making arrangements for the trip well in advance. Apart from travelers and tourists, many people visit China for business purposes and carve out time for some quick sightseeing between business various locales in China. Whatever the purpose of your visit to China, the first and most important thing that is needed is a visa. If you are on a business trip, you will need aChina business visa; if you are going solely for leisure, you will need a tourist visa. You will have to apply for China visa from USA via the embassy or via some visa expediting agency. Only after successfully obtaining a visa will you be able to go to China from the USA for the purpose which your visa is designated.

Key Facts and Frequently Asked Questions onChina Tourist Visa from USA

It has been seen that China tourist visa is the most common kind of visa which is sought by American citizens. While filling up the visa application form or even before that, people have various kinds of questions regarding Chinese tourist visa from USA. Some of them are as follows:

• What is meant by China Tourist Visa?

Known as the ‘L’ Tourist Visa, the China tourist visa is a visa granted to people intending to visit China for travel and tourism purposes. This visa is affixed a page of your passport. This visa provides permission for only travel and tourism in the country and no other purpose.

• How much time does it take approximately for the processing of China tourist visa?

Normally, it takes 14 days for the tourist visa processing. However, if you need the visa early, you can apply for expediting services. You will need to pay extra charges for acquiring an expedited visa. However, if you are in hurry, these services are worth exploring. Same day China tourist visa services are also available for a higher cost.

• Will I need a visa if I am traveling through China or have a layover in China?

This is one of the most common questions asked regarding Chinese visas. If the layover or transit period spans 24 hours or less, there is no need for a China tourist visa nor a China business visa. However, you must have a valid and confirmed ticket with your final destination clearly marked. While passing through immigration, you will have to show your passport and the ticket with your final destination to authorities. Your passport will be stamped with a special stopover permit. You will not be charged for the permit.
However, if the transit time or the layover period is greater than 24 hours, you have to apply for a 72-hour transit visa or free permit upon arrival in China. This facility is available for US citizens as well as to citizens of 50 other countries. However, certain conditions have to be fulfilled for the same. These include:

 The person should have valid US passport
 The person should be qualified for the entry to their next destination
 Have a confirmed ticket from the airline showing departure within 72 hours
 Flying into any of the mentioned airports –Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Xi’an, Pudong etc. Passengers will not be permitted to leave the transit city within the 72 hours.

• What is the effective period of the China tourist visa?

The China tourist visa remains valid for 10 years after its issuance. There is a multiple entry visa which is offered, which permits staying in China for a period of maximum 60 days per entry.

• What is the process of obtaining a tourist visa for visiting China for a US citizen?

First and foremost, Chinese visa application form needs to be filled out strictly in compliance with requirements by the applicant. Each applicant has to fill out separate application forms for visa. Make sure that there are no errors in the form and the columns are filled out in the correct manner. Incorrect information on the form will lead to rejection of the visa application. Once the form is filled out, all necessary documents for acquiring the visa need to be submitted along with the form.

• What are the documents needed for getting China tourist visa?

Mentioned below are the documents which are needed for obtaining tourist visa:
 Original passport
 Driver’s license
 Evidence of hotel stay. If the stay is at a friend’s or relative’s place, a copy of their invitation letter is needed where they will be showing their eagerness and willingness for supporting your stay in China
 Proof of travel
 Recent color photocopy of passport photo
 Photo ID of parents (for minors)
 Birth certificate (for minors)

• The passport containing a valid Chinese visa has expired. Do I need a new China tourist visa?

No, you will not need a new visa. But what you need to do is be sure to carry your old passport with the valid China tourist visa and the new passport as well. You have to ensure that all the vital information in the passports including the name, sex, nationality and date of birth are identical same in both the passports. If there are any changes to your personal information of any kind, then you will need to acquire a new Chinese visa.

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