Tips for First Time Visitors to China

Tips for First Time Visitors to China

Visa applications for China has increased leaps and bounds over the last decade due the more than one reason. China has been developing throughout the time and has been proving to be quite a handful for other countries. Which has this far been the tourists destinations in Asia and also across the world. The huge size of the country has been instrumental in the development of the place as a travel destination off late. The simple reason behind this has been the fact that due to the huge size of the nation, there are a lot of diversity in nature and also in the landscape which has proved to be the focal point for travelers because throughout the year you are definitely going to find certain destinations in China which is ideal to travel at that particular point of the year.

English which is not widely spoken in China

The number of aspiring visitors to China all over America would definitely take one’s breath away. For them the primary thing to keep in mind would be the fact that English is a language which is not widely spoken in China. As such before the visit is to be done, one definitely needs to have knowledge regarding the local languages in order to not fetch themselves into serious issues. Then the major cities like Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, etc. definitely needs to be there in the travel plan in order to complete a tour to China. Remember that there would be city specific sight scenes for which you can book a car. This sort of booking would ensure that you don’t miss out on any part of your travel.

The Great Wall

Tips for First Time Visitors to China. Make sure that the Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China are there in your travel plan. These tours would be demanding to your body. This would definitely end up in satisfying you to the core at the end of the day. When in Xi’an you must visit the Terracotta warriors’ sight. Also bike ride the wall of the old city for a complete experience. Finally the nightlife in Shanghai would make sure that you have a complete feel of the life and the enjoyment in China.

These were just the glimpses of a few important cities in China. There are numerous other sites throughout the country which might grab your attention. As a first time traveler to the place. All you need to do is to set forth on the journey primarily.

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa Chine visa service department header

China visa with the great wall of china Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa Would Definitely Help. Apart from all other professional and academic reasons to visit China, tourism as an industry has had a lot of say. Especially in the recent past when it comes to a China visit. China has represented itself as an upcoming travel destination over the last decade. China has been able to attract a lot of traffic towards the country. The number of UNESCO enlisted sites has been instrumental in the recent surge of visitors in China. Also the rise in the number of China visa applications throughout the world off late. Through this discourse we will try to figure out definite aspects which would definitely help you in easy and timely accumulation of your China visa.

The requirements

You must readily be in the possession of your original passport which needs to be valid for 6 more months at least. Then there needs to be at least 1 blank page. Further you always need to keep in mind that the actual size of the passport size photograph is 48mm X 33mm. any size more or less is not a valid passport size photograph according to the standing regulations. Then, you can’t either clip, staple or tape your photo on the application. All you can do is to stick the photo in order to not get stuck up with your application. Apart from all these, when you are filling up your application form, never leave places blank. Writing N/A is always a better option than leaving a field blank.

The documents

There are very important documents which you need to provide in order to get your China visa without any trouble. You need to provide your proof of trouble, this proof needs to be complemented by hotel confirmations. You would also require added documents if you are having minors on tour with your team or for that matter your own self. Then, if you are a previous Chinese citizen, you would have to suffice your demands with documents related to that. Then if you are a client who has earlier received Chinese visa. These are other documents you will needs to submitted.

Financial knowledge

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa. The standard services are quite normal and the most sought out for. It takes like 7-8 business days for your visa to reach you. Then there are the rush services which ensures that your visa would reach you by 5-6 business days. Finally there is the priority service which can be afforded if the requirements are seriously urgent. The costs are $99, $149 and $199 respectively depending on the priority you require.

Keeping simple things in mind and getting your basics correct. This will definitely minimize the chances of hiccups in your visa service.

The New Regulations of China Visa will Benefit Aspirants Big Time

Visa is one of the most essential requirements in the contemporary world given the fact that all sectors of business has been overtly influenced by globalization. The requirements of the modern business world as well as the academic sector fetches us to different parts of the world and that too at a very short notice. As such, country with strong visa rules often fall back in comparison to certain other countries which are a little bit lenient or regulations related to the visa. Keeping these aspects in mind, the Chines government has amended their visa policy particularly the rules related to their work permit which is supposed to have a serious impact on the business environment of the country in the recent times. Here is a sneak peek into the rules and the probable impact they are supposed to have. Continue reading