National ID Number and Other Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Chinese Visa

Applying for a Chinese visa involves several detailed steps, and accuracy is key to avoiding delays or denial of your application. Many Applicants make simple mistakes, like providing the wrong National ID Number. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to help you get your visa without any issues.

1. Providing the Wrong National ID Number

One of the most common Chinese visa application mistakes we notice at the China Visa Department is providing the wrong National ID Number. When the application asks for a “National ID Number,” US citizens should use their driver’s license number. The application form doesn’t explain this clearly, leading to confusion and incorrect entries.

2. Using an Outdated Passport Photo

If your passport photo no longer resembles your current appearance, updating your passport with a more recent photo is advisable. An outdated photo can cause complications and even rejection of your visa application. For example, older kids might face a delay in their application because they’ve grown up and no longer look like their old picture.

3. Failing to Provide Previous Visa Information

If you have previously been to China, you must provide a photocopy of your last Chinese visa. If you cannot provide this, you need to write a letter explaining why, along with details about the previous visa and the passport it was issued.

4. Incomplete Employment History

The visa application requires a detailed 5-year employment history, even if you were employed outside the United States. If you were a student during this period, include those dates and note your student status on the application.

5. Incorrect Information for Assisting Person in Child’s Application

For children’s applications, there’s a specific section asking if anyone assisted in filling out the application. Parents should provide their information here and ensure the assisting parent signs in section 9.2 instead of 9.1A.

6. Misreporting Recent Travel History

When asked about travel in the past 12 months, only include trips made on the passport you are currently submitting. If your passport doesn’t have stamps from a particular trip, avoid mentioning it to prevent requests for additional information.

7. Omitting Deceased Parent/Child Information

Even if a parent or child is deceased, their information must still be listed. The embassy/consulate uses this data to check if you or your relatives have ever been banned from China or engaged in illegal activities there.

How to Avoid These Mistakes

The best way to make sure that your visa application is error-free is to use a registered courier service like the China Visa Department. A registered courier is a company or individual registered with the Chinese embassy/consulate to handle and submit visa applications. Many clients choose the China Visa Department because it saves them a trip to the consulate, which is usually out of state. They also choose a courier service like ours because of our extensive knowledge of the process.

Here’s how the China Visa Department Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

Full Application Assistance

We guide you through every step of the application process, helping you understand and correctly fill out each section of the form.

Document Verification

We check all your documents to make sure they’re complete and accurate before submission, reducing the risk of rejection due to missing or incorrect information.

Expert Advice

With our expertise, we provide specific advice tailored to your situation so you meet all the requirements and avoid common mistakes.

Timely Submission

We can handle submitting your application, making sure we meet all deadlines and your application is processed as quickly as possible. Get your visa in about 4-5 days with the China Visa Department.

Final Thoughts: Chinese Visa Mistakes to Avoid

Taking the time to review these common mistakes can prevent unnecessary delays and complications. By ensuring your application is accurate and complete, you’ll be well on your way to securing your Chinese visa.

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