Obtaining a China Visa Might be Inconsistent but They are Nearly Guaranteed

If you are a student with an intent to study abroad, you often spend sleepless nights being tensed about how you are going to secure your visa and whether at all you would be able to get one or not and a lot of other issues as well. But one thing might be rest assured that people often speak negative regarding the visa securing process for two reasons. Primarily this negativity is a matter related to ignorance about the regulations of different countries and then there are people who get to frame a folklore out of individual issues confusing people even more. The same applies with China as well. Thus, if you are a student willing to study in China, the following part of the discourse would be of immense help in increasing your confidence regarding the process of securing your visa to China. Continue reading

The Sino-US Economic Cooperation: The Trend of the Times

The meeting between the US and the Chinese Presidents proved to be more fruitful in comparison to what was expected during the presidential campaign in the US. Both the countries have approved to improve trade relation between themselves as a part of trade talks which begun recently. The primary results of this high profile meeting were the expand of trade in beef and chicken in between these countries and more importantly increasing the access for American financial firms in China. The process is expected to get started as early as the middle of July as per sources with the hope of bringing down the deficit faced by the US in relation to trade with China. Continue reading