What NOT to Pack when Traveling to China

What NOT to Pack when Traveling, You just applied for your new passport and you’re ready to travel to China. Remembering to bring your new passport and valid visa with you on your trip is not the only thing you need to think of, though. You also have to remember what NOT to bring.

Traveling to China

What NOT to Pack when Traveling to China, Whether you’re going for vacation, you’re visiting for work. Or you’re going back to your homeland to spend time with family, traveling to China can be a fantastic adventure.

To help ensure that your trip goes smoothly, you should carefully inspect your luggage before you go. While it’s essential to make sure you remember all the important things that you do need – such as your new passport, comfortable shoes, and select accessories – it’s also vital to make sure you leave some other things behind. If your luggage has any of these objects, you’ll want to be sure to fish them out before you leave.

Anything Expensive or Valuable

While you may have some possessions that mean a lot to you, and hold quite a bit of sentimental value, they have no place in your suitcase. What NOT to Pack when Traveling If you’re traveling to China, it’s best to leave anything expensive, valuable, or heirloom behind.

Not only does bringing flashy, expensive items (such as a designer watch or fancy jewelry) increase the risk of you being a victim of theft, it would be especially tragic if you lost them on your trip. Unnecessary, expensive electronics should also be removed from your suitcase before you depart for your trip to China. To be safe, it’s best to just keep your priceless possessions at home.

Inappropriate Clothing

A trip to China is neither the time nor the place to experiment with risky fashion. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you may experience a huge variety of weather patterns, too. To fully prepare yourself for your visit to China, you’ll want to forego any insensible, impractical, and disrespectful clothing.


Anything overly casual, skimpy, or impractical should also be omitted. Dressing excessively poorly can quickly attract negative, unwanted attention and raise your risk of an unpleasant encounter with locals.

Some tourist attractions have dress codes (such as temples or other historic places), so you’ll want to make sure you respect these cultural expectations, too. Sensible and modest clothes are ideal for Chinese travel.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

What NOT to Pack when Traveling ! Many people have started taking cannabidiol (CBD) for their general health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that CBD is excellent for a wide array of health concerns.

People have been taking it to help improve a large number of conditions, ranging from insomnia to chronic pain and even epilepsy. While CBD is completely legal in the United States, it is outright forbidden in China. To avoid getting your CBD confiscated, and to prevent yourself from getting arrested. It’s best to leave the CBD at home.

Your Toiletries

There’s a common and somewhat offensive misconception that China is a dirty, backwoods country. This could not be further from the truth! Depending on the part of China that you choose to visit, you’ll find many fully stocked pharmacies, drug stores, and shopping centers.

Because China has all of the toiletries that you may need on your trip (including hair, face, and cosmetic supplies). It’s best to not bring your personal toiletries with you. Not only will they weigh your luggage down, they may not even make it past TSA, anyway. Wait until you land, then stock up on your personal hygiene needs when you get there.

What NOT to Pack when Traveling

Packing for a stay in China doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. By knowing what to pack, and what to skip, you can help ensure that you have smooth travels. Stick with sensible clothing, leave your CBD and valuable possessions at home, and be sure to grab your new passport (including your valid visa) before you head to the airport.

No matter the length of your trip to China, you can be sure that by following our practical advice, you’ll be prepared for your trip abroad. With your new passport in hand, and all inappropriate belongings left behind, the world is now your oyster – starting with a journey to China!

11 Places to Visit in China to Avoid Tourists

Are you trying to avoid crowds and the usual hustle and bustle of China while on your trip? We get it; sometimes you want to have a more intimate adventure without having a crowd of people at the same attraction. Check out our list of the top 11 places to visit to avoid massive crowds but still get the culture and experience you want out of China. Ditch your average China travel guide and head off the beaten path to see China in a whole new way. Keep reading to find out how to obtain your China tourist visa, what are the best China visa services, and how to start prepping for your once in a lifetime trip. 

China Tourist Visa

Before any great trip can begin, a China travel visa is in need. After all, without a China tourist visa, you won’t be granted entry into the country. All US citizens are required to obtain a China travel visa. In most cases, a China tourist visa will be valid for 10 years and allows for multiple entries on the same China travel visa. A China visa service is the recommended way to go about obtaining your China tourist visa. Bear in mind, your China tourist visa will be an extension on your passport, but having a copy of your China travel visa on hand during your stay is recommended. If you are traveling as a family, each member must have their own China tourist visa. Keep reading for guidance on how to choose the China visa service best for you. 

China Visa Service

To begin the process first find a China visa service near you, and start the application for your China tourist visa. While you can obtain a China travel on your own, when you chose a China visa service, the process is much more straightforward and user-friendly. Sites like, chinavisadepartment.com is one of the top China visa service sites, and they will guide you through the whole process of obtaining your China travel visa. In order to start the process for your China tourist visa, you must have all of the paperwork, like passport, travel documents, proof of hotel stay, and a valid license. The China visa service you choose will guide you through the process. Traveling with children? A China visa service will also help you obtain a China tourist visa for minors. 

When will I receive my China tourist visa?

If you decide to go with a China visa service, on average, you should expect to see have your China tourist visa within a couple of weeks. There are other options if you are on a tight schedule though, inform your China visa service provider that you need your China travel visa expedited, and with an additional fee, expect your China tourist visa within a couple of days. The same goes for members of the family, let your China visa service know of any minors in need of an expedited visa, and they will likely be able to assist.

11 Crowd Free Places to Visit

Is your China tourist visa ready to go, have you already found the best China visa service near you? Time to think about all the places you’ll go in this once in a lifetime trip. For those of you who like to stay away from the crowd check out these 11 destinations below while on your trip, for a totally unique travel experience. After you have your China travel visa ready to go, start packing! 

1.  Luoyang 

Luoyang is located on the Yellow River in Central China. It happens to be one of the least traveled ancient cities in China. Learn about Chinese history, religion, and culture on a day trip to this enchanting city. Stop by the Buddhist pagodas and see the tens of thousands of statues of Buddha. Learn about this ancient city right from the source, and explore what this beautiful city has to teach us all. Ask your hotel for directions, or have them assist in finding a bus route to the town. 

2. Kangding

The best city to emerge yourself in the Tibetan culture is this city located in the valley west of Sichuan province. In the past Kangling was used as a trading center between the Chinese and the Tibetans. The small city is full of history stunning scenery. 

Tip: Go in May during the Walking Around the Mountain Festival to see something truly unique. 

3. Shaxi Old Town

Located about two hours from the crowded city of Lijiang Old Town, Shaxi is a haven for those who wish to steer clear of the dense crowds. Most of the buildings have remained untouched in years, and paying a visit to this town is like going back in time. Life in Shaxi hasn’t changed much in the last hundreds of years. 

4. Tung Wan beach

Surf’s up at Tung Wan beach located on the island of Cheung Chau. Locals and tourists come here to catch some of the best waves in the turquoise waters and beautiful views. It’s even home the training center of an Olympic windsurfing champion who brought back Hong Kong’s first Olympic gold medal in 1996. 

5. Hui Hang Trail

Between Anhui and Hangzhou lies the Hui Hang Trail. This hiking trail is 15 kilometers and can be completed within two days at a leisurely pace. Wild forests and the Xiaoyao River are the highlights of this one of a kind trail. The best part, this little known destination is never overcrowded with tourists. 

6. Harbin

A tip for all the cold weather fans, visit China during the winter. In the northeastern city of Harbin you will find a snow and ice festival, actually the largest in the world, from December to February, every year. People flock to see the magnificent ice sculptures and statues made solely from snow and ice. 

7. Yunnan Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is located about 120 kilometers east of Kunming. Many of the trees in this forest resemble stone, giving it an unearthly feel. Since 2007, the forest has been a UNESCO world heritage site. On average, it takes 3 hours to walk through this magical forest, but no rush if you want to make it slower to enjoy more of the scenery, there is no time limit. 

8. Jilin

Another top destination for cold lovers, Jinlin is a little known city in Jilin Province, in the northeast region of China. This is ideal for those who enjoy cold weather and less crowded attractions. Feel one with nature and be surrounded by mountains and snow this winter wonderland, just be sure to pack extra warm clothing. 

9. Private Tours

All over the country, guests can book a private tour alone or with a small group of people. Experienced tour guides will take you and your group to places the general public does not know about. This is one of the best ways to get a more personal experience and avoid popular tourist traps. Look up different tour groups that offer a range of unique activities, and choose the one that best fits your needs. There are plenty of companies in the US and China offering private guided tours. 

10. Shangri-la 

Shangri-la is located in the Himalayan foothills and is 11,000 feet above sea level. Go hiking, biking, or explore jaw-dropping scenery. This non-crowded area is perfect for those looking to relax in the hot springs and get away from the crowds. They even offer guided tours through the foothills if you don’t want to travel solo. Grab a few travel partners or go solo, whatever your preference, this will be a hike you will never forget. Don’t forget to make sure you have extra film too, with some of the most beautiful scenery in China; you will want to take plenty of photos. 

11. Hohhot

Hohhot is a non-crowded area that will save you on hotels and flights. Sleep in one of the huts, and you have gone back in time. The grasslands are not to be missed, and try going in the fall to avoid as many crowds as possible. 

Bonus tips and tricks:

  • Don’t go to the tourist traps to avoid mass crowds
  • Traveling during the offseason will be cheaper
  • Always keep a copy of your China tourist visa on you
  • Your China travel visa will expire after 60 days of staying in the country
  • A new China travel visa is not required to re-enter the country
  • Use a China visa service to make the process of obtaining your China tourist visa simple

China visa services can help get your China tourist visa faster