No need for a Chinese Visa for 72 Hours of Bon Voyage

No need for a Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour Stay


Gosh! – is that true? Am I hearing correct? No need for a Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour Stay. I know the readers are equally surprised with the new as I am. A visit to China was always difficult, as it is not possible to get a Visa to China for a casual tourist. However, a visit to the country that had an invisible barrier to the world is changing every minute. The voyagers leave with grand memories of their visit to China, but not too many got the chances to listen to those old street songs, smell those awesome star anise or get bewitched by the far most advanced country in the world.

It is on receiving invitation letter or providing the confirmation of hotel booking or your return flight tickets are necessary to get your Chinese Visa. Even at times, we have seen that the passport offices ask for a letter from the office you work or a copy of a recent bank statement before processing a China Visa Application. However, if you know the tricks, you can experience China without a visa. Yes, I am not kidding, you do not need any downtime and would not face any trouble. It is all about having an impactful trip to China without applying for a Chinese Visa.

Visitors coming from the USA and 50 other countries have No Need to Apply for Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour Stay. As long as you enter and leave the same city in three days and have a proof to travel another destination in the next hours you can perfectly win some good memories. Say on your way to Japan or Thailand are while visiting Guam, drop into China for a three-day trip.

Three-day No need for a Chinese Visa

 You can actually do many things in 72 hours. Here in this article, you will find the perfect guide to enjoying China at its best. You just need to distill your tour plan a little as possible. You can pay a visit to the capital city of Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen in the south for 72 hours individually. Well, we have detailed game plan for both one-time visitors and the eccentric traveler who will be paying a visit more than one time. This guide is particularly for the Beijing City, as this form the center of attraction for all travelers in the beginning. We know traveling to China is a lot difficult just like getting a visa to China. English is not spoken universally in China and directions are very confusing. This will drive you nuts, so as soon as you reach Beijing hire a tour guide or you can manage with a good translation app in case if you are up for an adventure.

Guide for travelers

Day 1

The Great Wall is something you cannot miss on your next visit to China. Just like Taj Mahal or Niagara Falls, you will like to see it with your naked eyes. The closest part of the Wall is just one hour away from the city of Beijing. However, the tour groups take visitors to Badaling, the crowded part of the Wall and often tourists are disheartened.

If you are fit and fine, take up a hiking with groups like Beijing Hikers and choose Wall Hikes from level three to five. They pick you up in a minivan, drops near the Wall and often provided with an authentic Chinese meal after the hiking. It just takes a couple of hours to drive to the Wall and the hiking lasts for at least six to seven hours. Hiking the Wall as per many tourists is a one-time experience and religiously great. Just bring the right footwear, some snacks, and your own lunch. Since Beijing Hikers will give the evening meal and you feel sorted enough to experience the iconic place in China.

Day 2

Do not need to pay a visit to the Forbidden City. The place is scorching hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter. Rather you should plan a trip to Mao’s Tomb in Tiananmen Square. You can visit it free and the view is incomparable. You will get a chance to buy pale yellow chrysanthemum for a few Yuan, to place it next to Mao’s Tomb and pay your respects.

While you wait to buy the flowers, you can just look around Tiananmen Square, where the Chinese tanks once rolled. Next, you need to head on to Jingshan Park, which lies north of the Forbidden City. Climb to the top and look down at the roofs of the Forbidden City. If you are lucky then you can take a view of the whole city at a glance. Since most of the time, Beijing stays polluted. After taking the exit from Jingshan Park, you can head on to Beihai Park. It is considered one of the best parks, with greeneries all around.

This is the park where Kublai Khan met Marco Polo. The park has a lake in the center and you could bewitch yourself with the performances or street singers, dragon boaters, tai-chi practitioners and Chinese dancers. Around this place, you will spot narrow alleys that lead to courtyard houses typically belonging to the old age China. Making this spot picturesque and fit for photographers.

Day 3 

The famous and beautiful temple at Beijing is Temple of Heaven it is also known as Tiantan Park. It was during the 15th century that emperors have built it. You will find a great conjuncture of altars, bridges and painted ceiling all around the temple. Spread over 270 acres of land, the size of the temple is huge and you will be feeling overwhelmed for sure. Do not miss your visit to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which has tables and blue tiles, making the hall look like heaven. No need for a Chinese Visa just your passport.

After you are done with the temple go to nearby Panjiayuan, Chinese generally call it as dirt market. If you intend to buy a souvenir, you can drop at this place. However, they look like old and antiques but they are all fake. So we will ask you to shop some good art for few dollars, some costume jewelry if you want and table runners. Then end your trip with the visit to Lama Temple this is Tibetan Buddhist temples, which also stand as the symbol of religious resurgence in China. Here you can enjoy a great veg meal in the nearby local shops. And No need for a Chinese Visa

Hope this will make your trip exciting and fun loving for sure. So if you make out 72 hours while paying a visit to Japan, stop at China, dive in for a three-day tour and build some good memories for sure. And all this you can do without processing a China Visa Application. remember, you have No need for a Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour visit.

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