The Unified Chinese Work Permit will Definitely Attract Aspirants

Modern China might be differentiated from the China of the recent past in the true sense for the sake of the reforms that has been implemented by the government of the country keeping in mind the opening up of the gates of the country for the foreign travelers. The fact that China, these days, is one of the greatest upcoming travel destinations around the world is one of the important contributors towards the increment of foreign traffic towards China. Apart from this, another immensely important factor contributing to the increase in foreign travelers to the country has been the greeting of the foreign job seekers by China. Continue reading

The Essentials For The Attainment Of Group Tourist Visas To China For Us Passport Holders

Group Tourist Visa for China, China Tourist Visa

Group Tourist Visa for China. The relationship between China and the US has received a considerable boost in the recent times. With the talks between the important policymakers of the two countries, the business is for developing the economies. With these recent developments on hand, the travel industries of the two countries. We have also seen more traffic directed towards each other of late. People have started to travel not only from China to America but vice-versa as well for several purposes.

Business has been an important cause for this considerable increase. Further, the education system of China by opening itself up to the world has also been another influential cause. The entire world aspiring to travel to China. Another important aspect of this serious increase in traffic towards China is the late development of the travel industry of the country. The recently developed tourist spots are not only unique but the size of the country promotes travel by providing ample amount of diversity and cultures. Thus, the visa of the country has been in the demand off late more than ever before.

The visa regulations

from the US to China has never been easy. This demands extensive research on the attainment of China visa from the United States. Other than that, the aspiring traveler might be fetched into trouble at any point in time during the tour. The most popular China tourist visa from America these days are the group tourist visas. This sort of visas is not only less costly in comparison to the other forms of tourist visas. But they are also easier to achieve the requirements for documentation is minimal.

Apart from this important information what needs to be kept into consideration is the fact that in case of a group tourist visa, if the application is done online, the applicant does not need to even visit the consulate in order to get the application process completed. The important information regarding the successful attainment of group tourist visas is as follows.

The requirement of visas and the longevity of stay:

What needs to be remembered is the fact that all American tourists. Definitely requires some sort of group tourist visa for China for whatever purpose it might be. To be specific regarding the case in hand, a group tourist visa can be obtained by a minimum number of 2 people try to enter China or touring purposes at the same time. In spite of the availability of multiple entry visas, the visa is valid for 15 days. Another important aspect in this relation is the fact that the people who have entered together must exit the country together as well.

The costs

 In order to attain the visa to China from the USA, it has to be ascertained that the application is done online. The agencies these days look after all the issues and to such an extent that at certain times, much documentation is not required even keep aside the prospects of visiting the consulate. The charges of visa is around $140. Apart from that, the online agencies would charge their respective fees, which is minimal from the point of view of the fact they would look after the documentation and other required aspects.

The requirements

A visitor or a group of visitors must need to have knowledge especially regarding the things they would have to keep in their possession in order to make the visa process hassle-free. The primary requirement is to have a passport with at least one-year’s validity. The passport must also possess at least two blank pages. The applicants would also require passport photos with specific requirements. The photos must be at exactly 48 mm tall and 33 mm wide. The photo must be a recent one in order to avoid any anomaly in relation to it. Then, every individual in the group must submit photocopies of the passport, the supporting documents, a filled up application form and finally a copy of the declaration duly signed in order to apply for a Chinese visa from the United States.

Time required for attainment of visa for Group Tourist Visa for China

It depends on the type of service an applicant has opted for. The applicant has quite a few options in accordance to the amount of hurry he or she is in. The services range from the regular services to the same day services. However, one needs to remember that the faster the service required, the more costly the visa would become.

The process

Group Tourist Visa for China are primarily the application must be completely filled out. Then the supporting documents must be prepared to keep in mind the requirements of group visa. Remember extra documentation is required if the group consists of a member who is still a child. Further, if any of the visitors have visited China earlier or even applied for the China visa earlier, documentation regarding that is also required. Moreover, if the group contains a member who was earlier a citizen of China, proper documentation regarding that is also to be submitted.

Once all these things are taken care of, the applicant receives a slip containing a collection date. This is the date when the passport might be retrieved and the payment needs to be processed for the visa in accordance with the type of service the applicant requires. The problem scenario occurs regarding this issue when it is known that the US does not have any postal support for the visa services.


We can come to the conclusion that securing a Group Tourist Visa for China from the USA is not at all an easy nut to crack. It requires extensive documentation as well as the maintenance of the proper processes in order for the requirements of the visa. There are quite a few regulations that are harsh like the ones related to the photo. But in the contemporary world, with the advancement of technology, things have become considerably easier. These days, nearly everything is available on the internet.

The online services have been serving the people of America quite successfully for more than a couple of decades now. These days they even offer you cost benefits along with saving a lot of professional time for the applicant. Apart from all these perquisites, the online agencies these days have started looking after documentation issues as well. They normally allocate experts on a 24*7 basis and by using the helpline provided on the website. The client can always contact the agency for expert help. Therefore, the reasons behind the success of the online agencies in the contemporary world. It is obvious and consistently praised by their clients wholeheartedly.

Information Regarding Business And Tourist Chinese Visa From USA

Information Regarding Business And Tourist Chinese Visa From US Passports

China is Asia’s largest country. There was a time when China did not like too many visitors to its country. But with the passage of time things have changed and today China is visited by travelers from almost all parts of the globe. Information Regarding Business And Tourist Chinese Visa From US Passports is more accessible than ever.

The most interesting thing is that along with leisure travelers and tourists. China is also frequented by business travelers now as the country has opened its doors for foreign trade and collaboration. Whatever be your purpose of visit to the country, it is mandatory that you have valid China visa for the same.

Valid US passport

The visa should be stamped on a valid US passport. China is Asia’s largest country. There was a time when China did not like too many visitors to its country. But with the passage of time things have changed and today China is visited by travelers from almost all parts of the globe.

The most interesting thing is that along with leisure travelers and tourists, China is also frequented by business travelers now as the country has opened its doors for foreign trade and collaboration. Whatever be your purpose of visit to the country, it is mandatory that you have valid China visa for the same. The visa should be stamped on a valid US passport.

Applying for China tourist visa – guidelines for the same

While one is planning to visit China for travel and tourism purpose, one must have a valid tourist visa for China on a valid US passport. However, there are exceptions for Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. American citizens are allowed to stay in Taiwan and Hong Kong for 90 days and in Macau for a month (30 days) without a visa. The tourist visa is known as the ‘L’ visa and you will need this for entering mainland China.

Mentioned below are the steps for getting your Chinese travel and tourist visa

Preparations for obtaining travel and tourist visa
There are many things that need to be taken into consideration in this regard. Some important ones are as follows:

1. The validity of the US passport – To obtain the tourist visa for visiting China, the US passport needs to have the validity of more than 6 months. In case the date of expiry is before that, it is recommended to get the passport renewed and then apply for the visa to avoid chances of the visa application getting rejected. There should be blank pages in the passport too along with copy of the data page of the passport.

Form V

2. Completion of visa application form – Form V.2013 is the visa application form, which can be easily downloaded from the website of the Chinese embassy. Fill out the form completely carefully so that there are no errors whatsoever. Provide a current photograph in the application form as per the standard requirements.


3. A multiple-entry visa is always a good option – If plans are leaving China and coming back again to the mainland during the trip, getting a multi-entry visa is the best option. This will also be helpful if you are planning to visit Macau and Hong Kong during the trip.


4. Itinerary for depicting accommodation and flight details in China – Some kind of documentation needs to be furnished for showing hotel reservations and flight arrangements in China. If staying with a friend or an acquaintance, the invitation letter containing the name, gender, date of birth and other details of the US citizen has to be provided.

Submission of the visa application form

1. Locating the Chinese embassy’s visa office – Visiting the website of the Chinese embassy will provide this information. There are 6 locations from where visa to China can be obtained for US citizens.

2. Submission of the visa application – No appointment is needed for submitting the visa application form and it can be submitted during regular office hours. A receipt with pickup date mentioned on it will be given. The visa has to be picked up in person as no mail service is available for the same. It takes 4 days for regular service. Expedite services are also offered at higher charges.

3. Payment of the visa application fee – For a single entry, cost of a tourist visa is about $140. The payment has to be made while the visa is being picked up from the office. Payments can be made via different modes including Mastercard or Visa, cashier’s check, company check and money order. Personal checks, cash and online payment options are not available.

Chinese visa from the USA for business travelers

People who intend to go to China from the USA for business purpose surely need a business visa, which is the ‘M’ visa. Getting this visa is not very difficult, true. But what is difficult is getting all the necessary documents in place for approval of the visa. Before making the visa application, gather complete information about business visa to China from USA and prepare accordingly. With the M visa in place, US citizens can stay in China for up to 60 days at a time, with multiple entry visas.

10-year visa

There is also eligibility for a 10-year visa if the passport has 12-month validity or more at the time of visa application. Information Regarding Business And Tourist Chinese Visa From US Passports holder can get a 10-year visa. Many decisions are taken by the Chinese Consular for the span of stay permitted, visa validity period and also regarding the numbers of permits allowed. With this visa, one cannot work in China; it is solely for business trips.

Documents needed to be submitted for the M visa the most difficult part in getting the business visa for China.

There are many documents that need to be in place so that the visa can be sanctioned without any hassle. The important documents include:
 Visa application form duly filled up without any errors
 Passport with minimum 6-months validity and with 2 blank pages. In case you have another passport with you with a valid Chinese visa in it that has to be submitted as well.
 Right kind of photo glued to the application form
 Invitation letter (this is the trickiest thing of all)

Getting the Chinese invitation letter 

You have to have an invitation letter for getting a Chinese business visa. This letter should be on hand well ahead of your business trip so that everything can be arranged in the best manner. High quality faxed or scanned copy of the letter is also accepted. Sometimes, however, the original copy is also asked for.

There are two sources from which the invitation letter can come – either from an organization/company in mainland China or from some Chinese government agency. Information Regarding Business And Tourist Chinese Visa From US Passports who need an invitation letter from a company it should be printed on official letterhead. With the company’s name, address and phone number clearly mentioned. The official seal of the company should also be there.

These 8 elements should definitely be there in the invitation letter

 Applicant’s personal information like name, passport number, date of birth, the full name of the company, job title etc.
 Main purpose of visit
 City which the applicant will visit
 Dates of arrival and departure to and from the city
 Explanation of collaboration between the US and Chinese company
 Explanation of person bearing the expense of applicant’s accommodation in China
 Personal information of inviter including full name, detailed company address, job title, phone and fax number etc
 The official seal of the organization and the signature of the inviter.
The process of submission for the business visa to China is the same as the tourist visa to the country.


An Easy Guide To The Attainment Of Chinese Visa

An Easy Guide To The Attainment Of Chinese Visa

An Easy Guide To The Attainment Of Chinese Visa. In spite of the fact that the citizens of America do not require a visa for travel to most countries . There are a few countries like India, China, Russia, Brazil. Along with a few others, where the American contingent requires a visa and that too prior visa. This primarily requires submission of the papers in any of the Chinese embassies across America. The documents, which needs to be submitted, are the following: passport, passport photos, proof of travel, the application form. Documents regarding Chinese citizenship at an earlier time, and documents related to earlier procurement of Chinese visa from America for all types of visas.

Requirements for specific visas

Then there are specific requirements for specific visas like documents regarding hotel confirmation. Papers regarding the minors accompanying you during a tour for the tourist visas. For the business visas, you need to submit the business letters and the invitation letter. Likewise, for the work visa you need to provide the invitation letter. And finally for the crew visa you would have to submit the copies of the business letter and the crew ID. This is in order to complete your documentation in relation to the attainment of the China visa from America.

There are different services like the standard services, the rush services, the priority services and the recently introduces same day services. Available with the online agencies from which you can opt for the kind of service you require. The sooner your trip is, the faster service you would have to select in order to get yourself going. The visa along with the passport would primarily be checked by the airline company when reaching China, the immigration would definitely review both your passport and your visa. You would only be allowed to enter China if all your documents are valid. Apart from that, you would be made to take the very next flight out of the country.

Duration of the visa

You can opt for any kind of duration for your China visa from the US has a varied range of validity starting from 30 days to 10 years. However, for the non-US citizen, travelling to China from the US, the validity ranges from 3 months to one year. Then your stay is restricted to 60 days per entry for as many times as one would like within 10 years. But in this case one needs to remember that the maximum days per year a non-Chinese citizen can spend in China is limited to 180. Thus, these are important facts and figures that needs to be considered before planning a trip to China from the US.

Online agencies

The new redeemer.  With the increase in professional pressures, people seldom have time for personal work, done during office hours. They require something which looks after both the personal as well as the professional aspects from the perspective of the professional. Thus, the online agencies has gained in a lot of attention during the recent years. There has been a rise in the client base as well as the services. Like the recent development of the online same day visa service to China would definitely help a lot of people to gain a lot of freedom to plan their trips accordingly. A business trip of a travel plan for that matter. There recently has been the introduction of online agencies who look both after the passport and after the visa requirement.

American travelers

We can easily imagine that the online agencies are looking forward to a lot of innovations. Attracting the attention of more and more customers and clients. The clients have appraised their expedited services over the years. Most of the clients go back happy with the type and the security of the services that they have received.

The support system of these agencies have also helped in developing the client base. As they have extended support throughout the days, months and years together without break. Normally the clients call and find able experts on the other side of the number provided. Online visa agencies have generated a completely new dimension of looking at procurement of the visas for different countries. From the perspective of the American travelers and that too quire efficiently.  This is An Easy Guide To The Attainment Of Chinese Visa.

A Shortcut to the Same Day Chinese Visa

A Shortcut to the Same Day Chinese Visa

A Shortcut to the Same Day Chinese Visa. The recent increase in China visit from the perspective of the American travelers has been an issue to give importance. The positive shift in the relationship between the governments. China and America has instigated a lot of attention towards visiting China in the recent times. With the people knowing that getting access to a China visa from America is no longer a hard thing or even a big deal or even with the increase in the opportunities of education as well as jobs in China, the American citizens have been putting a lot of emphasis on possession of a passport and also the visa to China.

populated tourist spots

China has recently developed itself into a very attractive tourist spot. And subsequently opened up its doors for the world, which has been a boon to the tourism industry. The tourism industry as such has been an added attraction to the people aspiring to visit China. Recent times and the tourist spots, which has been developed in China, would surely provide the more populated tourist spots of the world with competition.

What this has finally instigated is the recent rush for the China visa from America. And people are now considering a visit to China for various reasons. There are four types of visas available from America to China, the tourist visa, business visa, work visa and the crew visa. Mostly, tourist visas are planned earlier because people plan tour way ahead of time under normal circumstances.

Three types of visas

In case of the other three types of visas, sometimes there is a case for rush due to the requirement. Travel regarding an urgent business deal, or an important and urgent work from the perspective of the professionals. Regarding these issues, people had to face problems in the earlier times due to the lack of opportunity. To get to the visa office in time or for that matter, with the unavailability of the priority and the emergency visa services.

Advent of internet

With the advent of internet, people have started to realize that there has been immense steps forward in the field of technology. These days you do not even need to get out of your comfort zone to get instant access to the visa offices. With the advent of the online agencies, people in America has been served regarding visa issues like never before. You are now eligible to get your visa from you house and by not having to waste any important professional hours.

A Shortcut to the Same Day Chinese Visa

What is even more interesting is the fact that you can opt for any kind of service as per your preference. Like if you have a bit of time you can apply for a standard service and save a bit of money. But if you are in a haste to get your visa, there are other services available at your doorsteps as well. Like you can easily apply for services like a rush service or even a priority service.

The latest development

The latest development in US China visa has been the introduction of the same day service. Which would definitely have an overwhelming response from the professionals as well as the travel thirsty people. There has been many issues where the professionals. Over the last few years have not been able to visit China due to the lack of time in securing their visas. Now with the addition of  A Shortcut to the Same Day Chinese Visa from America, in the armory of the online agencies, people would not only be benefited but the prospects of visiting a foreign land and the prospects of extending the business would receive a huge boom.

Important news

Another very important news from the perspective of the China. Visa’s from the US has been the fact that according to the latest changes in regulation. No visa required for a China visit that lasts for 72 hours or less. This would affect the visa services largely, people would be even more comfortable to plan a China short visit. And also, the business between the two countries would definitely flourish. Technology supported by the different measures both governments are definitely bringing in more traffic towards China from America. People are getting more interested in cross cultural mergers in education, work, business and tourism. A Shortcut to the Same Day Chinese Visa

No need for a Chinese Visa for 72 Hours of Bon Voyage

No need for a Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour Stay


Gosh! – is that true? Am I hearing correct? No need for a Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour Stay. I know the readers are equally surprised with the new as I am. A visit to China was always difficult, as it is not possible to get a Visa to China for a casual tourist. However, a visit to the country that had an invisible barrier to the world is changing every minute. The voyagers leave with grand memories of their visit to China, but not too many got the chances to listen to those old street songs, smell those awesome star anise or get bewitched by the far most advanced country in the world.

It is on receiving invitation letter or providing the confirmation of hotel booking or your return flight tickets are necessary to get your Chinese Visa. Even at times, we have seen that the passport offices ask for a letter from the office you work or a copy of a recent bank statement before processing a China Visa Application. However, if you know the tricks, you can experience China without a visa. Yes, I am not kidding, you do not need any downtime and would not face any trouble. It is all about having an impactful trip to China without applying for a Chinese Visa.

Visitors coming from the USA and 50 other countries have No Need to Apply for Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour Stay. As long as you enter and leave the same city in three days and have a proof to travel another destination in the next hours you can perfectly win some good memories. Say on your way to Japan or Thailand are while visiting Guam, drop into China for a three-day trip.

Three-day No need for a Chinese Visa

 You can actually do many things in 72 hours. Here in this article, you will find the perfect guide to enjoying China at its best. You just need to distill your tour plan a little as possible. You can pay a visit to the capital city of Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen in the south for 72 hours individually. Well, we have detailed game plan for both one-time visitors and the eccentric traveler who will be paying a visit more than one time. This guide is particularly for the Beijing City, as this form the center of attraction for all travelers in the beginning. We know traveling to China is a lot difficult just like getting a visa to China. English is not spoken universally in China and directions are very confusing. This will drive you nuts, so as soon as you reach Beijing hire a tour guide or you can manage with a good translation app in case if you are up for an adventure.

Guide for travelers

Day 1

The Great Wall is something you cannot miss on your next visit to China. Just like Taj Mahal or Niagara Falls, you will like to see it with your naked eyes. The closest part of the Wall is just one hour away from the city of Beijing. However, the tour groups take visitors to Badaling, the crowded part of the Wall and often tourists are disheartened.

If you are fit and fine, take up a hiking with groups like Beijing Hikers and choose Wall Hikes from level three to five. They pick you up in a minivan, drops near the Wall and often provided with an authentic Chinese meal after the hiking. It just takes a couple of hours to drive to the Wall and the hiking lasts for at least six to seven hours. Hiking the Wall as per many tourists is a one-time experience and religiously great. Just bring the right footwear, some snacks, and your own lunch. Since Beijing Hikers will give the evening meal and you feel sorted enough to experience the iconic place in China.

Day 2

Do not need to pay a visit to the Forbidden City. The place is scorching hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter. Rather you should plan a trip to Mao’s Tomb in Tiananmen Square. You can visit it free and the view is incomparable. You will get a chance to buy pale yellow chrysanthemum for a few Yuan, to place it next to Mao’s Tomb and pay your respects.

While you wait to buy the flowers, you can just look around Tiananmen Square, where the Chinese tanks once rolled. Next, you need to head on to Jingshan Park, which lies north of the Forbidden City. Climb to the top and look down at the roofs of the Forbidden City. If you are lucky then you can take a view of the whole city at a glance. Since most of the time, Beijing stays polluted. After taking the exit from Jingshan Park, you can head on to Beihai Park. It is considered one of the best parks, with greeneries all around.

This is the park where Kublai Khan met Marco Polo. The park has a lake in the center and you could bewitch yourself with the performances or street singers, dragon boaters, tai-chi practitioners and Chinese dancers. Around this place, you will spot narrow alleys that lead to courtyard houses typically belonging to the old age China. Making this spot picturesque and fit for photographers.

Day 3 

The famous and beautiful temple at Beijing is Temple of Heaven it is also known as Tiantan Park. It was during the 15th century that emperors have built it. You will find a great conjuncture of altars, bridges and painted ceiling all around the temple. Spread over 270 acres of land, the size of the temple is huge and you will be feeling overwhelmed for sure. Do not miss your visit to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which has tables and blue tiles, making the hall look like heaven. No need for a Chinese Visa just your passport.

After you are done with the temple go to nearby Panjiayuan, Chinese generally call it as dirt market. If you intend to buy a souvenir, you can drop at this place. However, they look like old and antiques but they are all fake. So we will ask you to shop some good art for few dollars, some costume jewelry if you want and table runners. Then end your trip with the visit to Lama Temple this is Tibetan Buddhist temples, which also stand as the symbol of religious resurgence in China. Here you can enjoy a great veg meal in the nearby local shops. And No need for a Chinese Visa

Hope this will make your trip exciting and fun loving for sure. So if you make out 72 hours while paying a visit to Japan, stop at China, dive in for a three-day tour and build some good memories for sure. And all this you can do without processing a China Visa Application. remember, you have No need for a Chinese Visa for a 72 Hour visit.

Boost in Tourists in China is Directly Related to its Economic Development

Tourists in China

Tourists in China The tourism industry in China has been making more news than any other country in the contemporary times. From the perspective of the critics as well as the experts, it has been observed that this department is one of the very important target segment which China has been promoting off late in order to expand the ‘soft-power’. In other words, this has been targeted by the Chinese government as one of the means to extend influence around the world through non-military resources.

China has been systematically looking after these ‘soft-power’ resources for quite a long time now. Over the last few years, they have been spending $10 billion annually in order to promote the language schools as well as the different universities across the globe. Further, it has been promoting its entertainment industry abroad in order to generate foreign currency. But, lately, they have decided to put a lot of stress on the travel industry and keeping this in mind they have already started decorating China as one of the best tourist spots across the globe and a whole lot of work and brainpower is going into it. The only target is to bring in more and more foreign travelers like already famous destinations in Europe and Asia.

More Details

Getting into more details regarding the recent targets of the travel industry programs, it is nothing but looking forward to more inbound tourists which would mean more generation of foreign currency. The more the foreign currency is generated, the more economic stability would be enjoyed by the country. But, what has concerned the Chinese government off late is the fact that all these efforts are faltering.

The real story is that last year the inbound tourists to China has been increased only by 3.8 percent which is far lesser than both expectations and also in comparison to the other smaller Asian destinations. What has concerned the government, even more, is the fact that most of these tourists (counting up to 80 percent) has been from nearby Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The findings have been that it has been globally thought that China as a tourist destination is not that welcoming to foreign travelers with all its rules and regulations in hand.

The visa process

is critical is a very important point in this case. While countries like the USA provides visa-free entry to nationals of 38 countries, China provides free entry to nationals of only 13 countries. For the rest of the countries, one needs to have a visa in hand before going to China. Then there are a lot of issues regarding the attainment of Chinese tourist visa from the perspective of different countries. Like, in case of a China visa from the US, the traffic is always on the higher side.

Primarily a payment of $140 needs to be made. But once you are looking forward to meeting your need for that amount, you need to be mentally prepared that you would have to wait in a queue for a very long time. To avoid the queue to an extent, you would have to pay a further amount of $100. This makes the visa to China quite a hectic and costly affair. Then from the perspective of China, the regulations regarding the visa affairs has been reducing foreign travelers to China by 70 percent as per statistics.


Let’s look at some of the regulations regarding a Chinese visa from the USA for Tourists in China which has been mentioned by certain American citizens as too strong for comfort. The basic requirements for the Chinese tourist visa is an original passport valid for 6 more months along with photocopies of bio and emergency contact pages. Make sure that the passport photo isn’t stapled, taped or clipped. The details of your stay and your travel along with the tickets need to be mentioned in the designated points of the application form. If you are staying with either your friend or your relatives, you need to provide an invitation letter with all details including the name and the address of the invitee as well. Then further documentation needs to be forwarded regarding the purpose of the visit.

Financial Requirements for Tourists in China

There are certain serious financial requirements as well in order to be able to get a Chinese visa. Some of the requirements are like bank account certificate for the last 6 months, a stamped income tax return (ITR), Company ID, a certificate of employment. Providing all your details like the current salary, position and your span of stay at the company. Further, if a person is self-employed, he or needs to provide the authority with a business registration certificate.

Critical Documentation for Tourists in China

These critical documentation process has taken a big toll on the tourism department of China. There is a famous saying in America regarding the China visa that if you are through with the documentation process, there are minimal chances of your visa processing. We can understand the problems in hand quite a bit with this sort of sarcastic comments coming across from all over the world. Further, the Chinese government has complicated things even more with the recent political disputes with countries like Taiwan and South Korea.

One example that can be sited in this regard is the fact that recently China has restricted visits to South Korea over a spat between these countries over missile defense system. South Korea on their part has reciprocated by nearly boycotting china tours. As per the stats received in May, the tourists from South Korea to China went down by 42 percent. And what is more noteworthy is the fact that he travels from South Korea to Japan has increased by 85 percent in the same time frame.

As such, with a lot of political controversies in hand as well as a very strong visa rule in progress. In spite of all the trials and errors in hand, the inward flow of the foreign currency through the foreign tourists to China has not been up as per expectation. The government has to take immediate measures if they want to make tourism an effective tool to develop their economy.

Comprehensive Information And Complete Guide On Chinese Visa

Guide On Chinese Visa

Guide On Chinese Visa one of the leading Asian destinations, which is frequented by travelers and tourists from across the globe. Large numbers of US citizens also come to the country not only for leisurely travel and tourism but also for business purposes. Whatever be the intent of visit, US citizens will need a valid Chinese visa for the travel purpose. There are different categories of visas available for entry into China. And each category has separate formalities that have to be met with. Read on to know about the different kinds of Chinese visas and the way of getting the same.

What is a Chinese Visa?

A visa is an approval given by a foreign country’s government to an individual so that he/she can enter the country without any kinds of obstructions. US citizens have a very powerful passport and they usually don’t need visa or other kinds of documentation for entering other countries. But for entering countries like China, India, Russia, Brazil etc, proper visa is required by US citizens. For obtaining the visa, different kinds of paperworks and documentations need to be done and submitted at the Chinese Embassy in the US capital or at Chinese consulates, which are located in Houston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. Once the visa is approved, it is affixed to the US passport. Expedite visa services are also available if you are in urgency of getting a China visa. Verification of the passport and the visa is done at almost every step while traveling from US to China. When you check in for the international flight to China, the airline will thoroughly verify and check whether you have a valid passport and appropriate visa on the passport. After arrival at China at any of the airports at Beijing, Shanghai or any other Chinese airport, there will be immigration check where the passport and the visa will be reviewed. In case there are anomalies in the documents, the traveler will be denied entry into China and will need to take a flight back to US. However, if the documents are valid and proper, entry into China is permitted.

Basic requirements for getting a Chinese Visa

For obtaining a Chinese visa, certain basic requirements have to be fulfilled. Some of them are as follows:

• Original passport with minimum validity of 6 months. Two blank pages in the passport is a must.
• Photocopy in black and white of the passport page containing the photo of the applicant. Photocopies of the pages which contain any past Chinese visas that you had obtained in the past. (This point is only applicable if the applicant has already been to China in the past)
• Recently clicked passport sized colored photo with light background. The dimensions of the photo should be 48mm x 33mm.
• Duly filled up application form, printed and signed by the applicant. There should be no errors in the application form as it can lead to rejection of the visa application.
• An invitation letter issued by a relevant individual or entity in China. The invitation letter is required while applying for C Visa, L Visa, F Visa, Q visa, M Visa, Z visa or S visa. The invitation letter can be in the form of a computer scanned printout, a fax copy or a photocopy. However, there are times when the invitation letter needs to be furnished in original.

Apart from these, there are some optional documents as well that need to be produced for getting a China visa. Those are for specific requirements and cases.

Validity of Chinese visa

There are different time periods of validity of Chinese visa. Validity of visas ranges from 30 days to 10 years. In general, Chinese visas issued to citizens of US have validity of 10 years. But if not needed, they might apply for a visa with shorter duration as per their preference and discretion. For non US citizens, the validity period of the visa is not so long. Usually those visas are valid from 3 months to a year’s time. There are two aspects that are covered in the validity of the visa. One aspect is how long the visa is applicable and the second is the length of stay of the traveler. For instance, for US citizens, the China visa is valid for 10 years, but the length of stay per entry is just 60 days. This means that the US citizen can visit China for 60 days at a stretch at a time for as many times they like within span of 10 years.

Obtaining Chinese visa via a reliable agency

There are many agencies offering China visa services in USA. When you are looking to get a Chinese visa via an agency, it is important that you choose the right agency at the first place. China visa department is one that caters high quality services on arranging china visa for American citizen. You will get highest level of customer service with professionalism.

Tips for First Time Visitors to China

Tips for First Time Visitors to China

Visa applications for China has increased leaps and bounds over the last decade due the more than one reason. China has been developing throughout the time and has been proving to be quite a handful for other countries. Which has this far been the tourists destinations in Asia and also across the world. The huge size of the country has been instrumental in the development of the place as a travel destination off late. The simple reason behind this has been the fact that due to the huge size of the nation, there are a lot of diversity in nature and also in the landscape which has proved to be the focal point for travelers because throughout the year you are definitely going to find certain destinations in China which is ideal to travel at that particular point of the year.

English which is not widely spoken in China

The number of aspiring visitors to China all over America would definitely take one’s breath away. For them the primary thing to keep in mind would be the fact that English is a language which is not widely spoken in China. As such before the visit is to be done, one definitely needs to have knowledge regarding the local languages in order to not fetch themselves into serious issues. Then the major cities like Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, etc. definitely needs to be there in the travel plan in order to complete a tour to China. Remember that there would be city specific sight scenes for which you can book a car. This sort of booking would ensure that you don’t miss out on any part of your travel.

The Great Wall

Tips for First Time Visitors to China. Make sure that the Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China are there in your travel plan. These tours would be demanding to your body. This would definitely end up in satisfying you to the core at the end of the day. When in Xi’an you must visit the Terracotta warriors’ sight. Also bike ride the wall of the old city for a complete experience. Finally the nightlife in Shanghai would make sure that you have a complete feel of the life and the enjoyment in China.

These were just the glimpses of a few important cities in China. There are numerous other sites throughout the country which might grab your attention. As a first time traveler to the place. All you need to do is to set forth on the journey primarily.

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa Chine visa service department header

China visa with the great wall of china Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa Would Definitely Help. Apart from all other professional and academic reasons to visit China, tourism as an industry has had a lot of say. Especially in the recent past when it comes to a China visit. China has represented itself as an upcoming travel destination over the last decade. China has been able to attract a lot of traffic towards the country. The number of UNESCO enlisted sites has been instrumental in the recent surge of visitors in China. Also the rise in the number of China visa applications throughout the world off late. Through this discourse we will try to figure out definite aspects which would definitely help you in easy and timely accumulation of your China visa.

The requirements

You must readily be in the possession of your original passport which needs to be valid for 6 more months at least. Then there needs to be at least 1 blank page. Further you always need to keep in mind that the actual size of the passport size photograph is 48mm X 33mm. any size more or less is not a valid passport size photograph according to the standing regulations. Then, you can’t either clip, staple or tape your photo on the application. All you can do is to stick the photo in order to not get stuck up with your application. Apart from all these, when you are filling up your application form, never leave places blank. Writing N/A is always a better option than leaving a field blank.

The documents

There are very important documents which you need to provide in order to get your China visa without any trouble. You need to provide your proof of trouble, this proof needs to be complemented by hotel confirmations. You would also require added documents if you are having minors on tour with your team or for that matter your own self. Then, if you are a previous Chinese citizen, you would have to suffice your demands with documents related to that. Then if you are a client who has earlier received Chinese visa. These are other documents you will needs to submitted.

Financial knowledge

Tips and Reminders Regarding Your China Visa. The standard services are quite normal and the most sought out for. It takes like 7-8 business days for your visa to reach you. Then there are the rush services which ensures that your visa would reach you by 5-6 business days. Finally there is the priority service which can be afforded if the requirements are seriously urgent. The costs are $99, $149 and $199 respectively depending on the priority you require.

Keeping simple things in mind and getting your basics correct. This will definitely minimize the chances of hiccups in your visa service.