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Need to get your China visa quickly? Call China Visa Department of Seattle today! China Visa Department of Seattle can process your China visa application faster, no matter whether it’s a China tourist visa, China business visa, China work visa, or a China crew visa, we’ll get you your China visa FAST. Don’t go away, we guarantee your China visa in 3 business days! Call us to book an appointment or walk-in to one of our offices.

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Looking for the Chinese consulate or Chinese embassy, look no further, there isn’t one in Seattle so make your way over to the China Visa Department in downtown, Seattle’s leaders for expedited China visas, conveniently located near Pike’s Place. Remember, you need your China visa BEFORE you get on the plane so why wait when we can assist you today? Don’t let a little China visa application paperwork ruin the trip of a lifetime when we make it easy as 1-2-3 steps to get your China visa. With service speeds as fast as 72 hours, your China visa can be in your hands this week. Call for an appointment today or take advantage of our walk-in services!

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Or if you don’t like applying in person, select the China visa type you need above. We’ll help you to properly follow the process and then your China visa will be just 1 step away. After that, just ship your documents at FedEx and your China visa will arrive to you in the timeframe you select. It’s that easy, we will visit the Chinese embassy for you.

China Visa Department of Seattle’s mission is to be #1 for the Seattle area in expediting China visas. Skip the line and let us get your China visa right on time! Whether you’re heading to China for tourism, work, business or crew, we are here for you!

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service, integrity, and professionalism while assisting you with your expedited China visa in Seattle.

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