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For your speedy China visa in Los Angeles, don’t wait to call China Visa Department of Los Angeles! We can assist with any type of China visa application, from China tourist visa, China business visa, China work visa, or a China crew visa, we provide the fastest service around. Your China visa application can be processed within 3 business days so don’t wait…call us to book an appointment or walk-in.

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Looking for the Chinese embassy in Los Angeles or the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles?  If you’re running short of time to get your China visa before your flight, don’t panic, call China Visa Department of Los Angeles today! Avoid foreseeable delays with the processing of your China visa application by avoiding errors by trusting your China visa application to the pros. After all, it’s easier to expedite your China visa than to book a new flight and hotels because you got your China visa too late to make your trip. Stop worrying and start hurrying because the faster you get to China Visa Department of Los Angeles, the faster your China visa will be in your hands, with services speeds as fast as 72 hours available.

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For those who would like to begin their preparations online, click on the type of China visa you need above. We’ll direct you on the proper steps for the China visa application and you’ll be within reach of completing the process. Finally, drop your documents off at FedEx and your China visa will be there within days. It’s that easy!

China Visa Department of Los Angeles was founded with the mission of expediting China visa services for those traveling from the USA. We can assist you to forego long lines at the Chinese embassy in Los Angeles and the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles. For any type of China visa, work, crew, business or tourism, we can help!

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service, integrity, and professionalism while assisting you with your expedited China visa in Los Angeles.

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